Active Recruiting

You may be one of the fortunate teachers in 46 states of the US, Australia, Israel, or the United Kingdom where computer science either counts as an elective or is a required part of the curriculum, (see state by state statistics here). If so, students have a graduation incentive to take computer science. Even so, the gender and ethnic composition of non-required courses may not reflect your school's general population. As discussed earlier in the course, it's important for many reasons (jobs, better technology, more productive workforce) to have all kinds of students interested in computer science.

Part 1 - Strategies

Learn about some strategies for student recruitment with Jennifer Rosato (NCCSE Director)

Part 2 - Strategies in Practice

Putting the Strategies Into Action - Jim Veseskis (Mobile CSP Professional Development Facilitator)

What Steps Can You Take?

NCWIT has a new workbook for high school teachers to recruit girls to computer science classes. Check it out here! The workbook includes information on:


Practice connecting messages for studying computer science to student interests using MIT Teaching Systems Lab's Swipe Right for CS game.

Counselors for Computing Packets

NCWIT Counselor's for Computing is a great resource for recruiting students to CS. Angela Cleveland, program director, shares more about how to use the resources included in the packets prepared for Mobile CSP. (If you didn't participate in Mobile CSP PD, you can request a C4c packet to share with your counselor at, though it will include slightly different resources.


Reflection Activity Facilitator Slides

Discuss the following questions with other teachers in your professional development program.


Create a student recruitment action plan. Learn more here.