Careers in CS

Key to fostering a student's sense of belonging in CS courses is engaging with role models who are similar (background, culture, gender identity, race/ethnicity, etc.) Below are some profiles of computer scientists from a variety of backgrounds. We encourage you to use them in your courses in a variety of ways.

  1. Feature a computer scientists each month on a bulletin board or in each module of your learning management system.

  2. Give students an assignment to research a career in computing, including what job responsibilities, salary, training, education, etc. Your school counselor might have additional resources and/or specific questions you could ask the students.

  3. Invite a guest speaker to your class or play one of the videos below and ask the students to identify computer science terms (academic language) that they know and understand and what terms are new to them.

CSEdWeek has some excellent suggestions on incorporating role models in CS, including easy welcome and closure activities, and an activity to for students to create a poster of a role model. Check out the activities and all the posters at!