Growth Mindset

Learn About Mindset

Mindsets are very important, especially for underrepresented students. In computing, women, racial and ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities are all underrepresented. Fostering a growth mindset with students helps improve achievement for all students, but especially for underrepresented students.

Activity: Understand Your Mindset

Take the brief mindset survey online, about 2-3 minutes. Note: this survey is about mindset in general, but people often have fixed mindsets in one area and growth mindsets in another.

Fostering a Growth Mindset

Consider what you've learned about mindsets. Do you have more of a fixed or growth mindset or is it a combination? What kind of mindset do you think your students have? What statements do you make to promote fixed or growth mindsets?

Here are some examples of statements you might make in the classroom that could be re-framed to promote a growth mindset. NCWIT also has a tip sheet, 8 Ways to Give Students More Effective Feedback Using a Growth Mindset.

Growth Mindset and Programming

Did you know that developing one skill can help develop the other? A two-part blog series by Kristin Villanueva discusses how having a growth mindset can help you learn to code and how learning to code can help you develop a growth mindset. Check out Part 1 How Having a Growth Mindset Can Help You Learn to Code and Part 2 How Learning to Code Can Help You Develop a Growth Mindset.

Reflection Activity

Consider the following questions: